We all know what tables look like. Rows and columns of data that feel a little bit like spreadsheets once you’ve got enough rows and columns to need scrollbars. TableView is the JavaFX layout element to create tables in your layouts.

For some reason, beginner programmers love tables, and they rush start using them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the official documentation for JavaFX and most of the information you’ll find on web about TableViews is lacking in insight. The articles here take a different look at TableView, and try to explain how things really work “under the hood” so that you can make informed decisions about how to code up your own TableViews

The Articles

Table Basics

TableView Basics

Everything you need to know to get started using TableView in your layouts.

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Cell Data

TableCell and TableColumn Data

Learn how data gets from your ObservableList into your TableCells and how to cope with situations where the data gets a bit more complicated.

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