A Short Introduction

This is a guide to help you learn how to build JavaFX applications the right way. It’s not a reference guide, but an instructional guide intended to be read in order. Depending on your learning style, it’s probably a good idea to follow along with the guide in your IDE, trying out the examples and experimenting with some of the concepts along the way.

I’ve tried to keep each part short and easily digestible, so that you can stop at the end of any part and pick later from the next part.

My philosophy is that you should fully understand the content of each part before moving on to the next. If you are confused about anything you can usually research in on the web, or find it in the JavaDocs for the components involved. If you are really stuck, you can send me an email and I’ll help. In any event, each part of this guide is written with the assumption that the content that preceded it has been fully understood.

JavaFX as a Reactive Framework