JavaFX Observables, Bindings and Listeners

Observables, Bindings and Listeners are the key elements supplied by the JavaFX library to create Reactive applications in JavaFX. This is incredibly complete toolkit, which means that it can also be complicated and difficult to understand. These articles are designed to explain what each of these elements are, and how you can use them to create simple, easy to understand and maintain Reactive applications.

New Observable Methods

New Observable Methods

JavaFX versions 19 and 21 gave us new methods for dealing with Observables. We now have, and variations on ObservableValue.subscribe(). These new methods should be your “go to” approach to Listeners and Bindings from now on.

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Bindings are ObservableValues that are tied to one or more other ObservableValues. This means that they are automatically updated when any one of those other ObservableValues changes. This allows you to define your application in terms of relationships between dynamic values which is the key to building Reactive applications.

Custom Bindings

All About Custom Bindings

The key to understanding how Bindings work is to understand how to create your own Binding by extending one of the abstract classes from the JavaFX library.

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The Bindings Class

How To Use the Bindings Class

The Bindings class is a static library of methods that can create bindings for you. Learning how to use this library will give you the ability to create all kinds of special bindings without having to create custom binding classes.

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ChangeListeners and InvalidationListeners

Which kind of Listener should you use, and when?

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