Java and JavaFX

Here’s a few obvious links that have the “go to” documentation for Java, Kotlin and JavaFX


This website is running in Jekyll on GitHub Pages using the MinimalMistakes theme. It’s a great platform for creating static websites with ongoing content additions.

  • Jekyll
  • MinimalMistakes is the theme that this website uses. It consolidates a lot of the look and feel and allows for a lot more customization than the default “Minima” theme.
  • Liquid is the templating language used by Jekyll.
  • Kramdown is the markdown language used by Jekyll (actually it’s the parser, but let’s not split hairs)
  • Pulsar I used to use Atom, but it’s dead now. I tried VS Code, but hated it. Pulsar is a fork of Atom that’s still in development and it seems good.


These are Java Libraries that I use all the time:

  • Ikonli has the “glue” that allows you to integrate FontAwesome icons into JavaFX screens as Nodes. It’s well worth looking into as FontAwesome opens up a world of easy to use, clean icons with the ability to set the colours.


If you are palette-challenged, like me, then is the place to go. It’s a suite of tools that helps you to create colour palettes that are professional and balanced. I use the Palette Generator a lot. Bring up the page and hit the space-bar until a colour pops up that you like. Lock it in, and then hit the space-bar again. Rinse and repeat until you have a 5 colour palette that you like.

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